If you want to make cloud services leading to the world, we will provide an opportunity to demonstrate your past experiences and skills!

With the support of Samurai incubate (incubator),we are in the process of launching world-class new cloud services and are planning romance curated media management .

Although our company was established in 2012 and in an early-stage, our top management is from venture capital which supported the growth of listed companies such as Kakaku.com, inc. and Axel Mark Inc. and he has detailed knowledge of net services. Working in the environment enable you to develop your career for sure.

Let’s create the world-class new web services together. 

・Job description

Development of application to launch cloud services (Smartphone applications)

Development of new applications (programming)Functional improvement and response to errors based on the needs of the test users.

Apply for application market

Let’s get the sites moving together, so as to offer better services by functional improvement after the release or addition of new functions, etc..

Dealing with steps from proposal to management.

Please find a rewarding sense of satisfaction through the work.

・Rewarding sense of satisfaction

Create world-class services!

Have an opportunity to demonstrate your past experiences and skills!

You can play an active role as a corporate core member!

You can develop your career for sure!

・Ideal candidate

Those who can put more emphasis on speed than on deep deliberation.

Those who can handle various duties simultaneously.


Regardless of educational background

More than 4 years of working experience in development, programming (regardless of language)

Those who know much about networks would be better.

Those who have experience in DB development would be better.

Those who have experience in development of server side would be better.

Those who have something at least one ” very good at” would be better.

Annual salary:  48K ~60K(USD)

Compensation package

Social insurance system introduced, provide a transportation allowance.












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