Under the corporate identity “We want to give people all over the world healing and cheer focusing on romance”, Mat provides internet services that specialized in romance.

Author:What kind of episodes were there with the background that you felt “this is the business that I should do”, while you were working for a bank and a venture capital where you had seen numerous businesses ?

Mat:When I was a student, I was brought up under the influence of my father who ran the medium and small-sized company.

Because that was the work such as the subcontracts form the entertainment office and TV station, I often read scripts for dramas when I was little.

There were images of the work that sounds like hard while thinking that it seemed to be interesting, so I did not want to do the same job.

I started working on an internship on the recommendation of my friend since I became a university student.

The internship that I was serving was the consulting firm for medium and small-sized businesses, where I was engaged in the industrial research.

I like writing reports by my nature, and I was interested in medium and small-sized businesses under my father’s influence, so I thought it was the perfect job for me.

After I left the circle of easy listening which I belonged to, I had been working on an internship while failing to attend classes.

That company’s strength was the marketing assistance, but the most of the forthcoming consultation from enterprises were regarding money.

I have come to feel a vague sense “Medium and small-sized businesses are usually in trouble with money”.

That feelings made me want to work for a bank during the job hunting.

After all, there was the feeling “If I want to know the medium and small-sized business, I should join a bank”.

After I began to work for a bank, I thought “I’m glad I joined the bank”.

It was very challenging that I could contribute to the fund raising of the medium and small-sized business through my job, which I previously witnessed firsthand difficulties in cash management of those companies.

However, as I have been accustomed to the work, the feelings that I want to try to perform the duties except the routine job have been developed.

At that time, I was very busy and I have felt frustrated by the day-to-day routine job, and then, I had feelings that I could not do what I really want to do.

Under these circumstances, I changed my job to a venture capital that friend of mine introduced it to me.

I thought that the firmly supporting of the venture company is a good point .

As the company was in an early-stage, the impression of the company was uncontrolled given it a hard name, or tolerant to put things in a better perspective.

I have undertaken the task of new businesses within the company, as well as supporting invested companies.

As for the new business of the robbery insurance of motorcycle, there was a time that I put a handbill on each motorcycle parked in the roadside, with my mobile phone as a contact number, and I have answered phone calls even at midnight.

With such efforts, the company had grown up further that I could not cope with alone, and as a result, the business was sold to an entity.

Though it was sold; afterwards,I had nothing to do, that made me think to be honest that I should have grown the business by myself.

Since then, I changed in employment as in charge of supporting companies which scheduled to be listed.

However, during that time, Venture Capital couldn’t go public due to the Livedoor shock

I was wondered what I should do next since I lost my job. Around that time, the CEO of the company where I now work for invited me to join.

It was the consulting firm at that time, and he told me that he wanted to establish a net related business,

and then I decided to do third job chang and joined as a representative of setting up new business.

This is the business that I should do.

At first, since I joined, I was engaged in M&A brokering services.

During that time, there was an opportunity to be engaged in the buying and selling of a game developer by chance.

At first, I have just supported the company as a business partner, but later, as I have investigated the industry trend and talked with surrounding people, I have come to see potential in romantic social games.

With such background, I have created the apps of romance diagnosis as a start-up business, but this made a hit suddenly. It was considerably responsive.

Not only that, the requests for romance consultation from users came to be received as the inquiries of the service.

In principle, it was a function of accepting inquiries with an aim to solve service failures, so I was very surprised to see requests for personal consultations have been sent.

There were so many questions such as “I have never talked with, and it’s my unrequited love. What should I do?” because the services were rendered mostly for student users.(LOL)

Therefore, I decided to advise with sincerity in respond do the voice from the user.

Then, the responses such as “I tried it, thank you” have been received,or I could keep up conversations in some cases.

During such conversations, I thought ” This is the business that I should do”.

There are so many people who need a person to give some advices about romance.

In retrospect, I could relate to their feelings.

When I was working for a bank, there was a lady in harmonious relations, to whom I have not been able to confess my love.

I knew I was hesitating about that.

At that time, I asked the superior of the company that what should I do.

When I explained what was going on and consulted with him, he said ” why don’t you confess your love?”.

Thanks to his words, I could start doing the action immediately.

I have been married to her who is my partner as it is now.

I think that’s not uncommon that people often need somebody to give a push to get the courage just a little.

Like that, I would like to create such services which can give someone a push and encourage.

“Romantic love” is the emotions common to all nations.

For this reason, I intend to expand our services in current offering globally.

I think this business has great potential.Then,I founded this company two years ago.

Recently, I found myself doing job similar to creating scripts for drama that I used to think it was fun in my childhood.

Now, I will bring passion into “Romantic Love” all around the world.

By expanding services into the world, as a long-term target, we will strive to offer our products and services to 110countries in 33 languages.

Our company concurrently aim to go public by 2017. In accordance with that, as a matter of course, the size of company should be expanded.

For such occasions, recruiting should also be considered consequently.

In order to achieve a long-term target as mentioned above, we have set a short-term target.

The details are as follows.

First, enhancing our name recognition as curation media of Verygood.

Second, growth of our new services to be launch.As I mentioned above briefly, I am focusing on recruiting also in order to achieve these goals.


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