The three core business of our company

(1)VR Game Development(Download Here)



Experience the real of 100m track and an exciting environment with your mobile virtual reality headset for Google Cardboard or any mobile virtual reality headset.
Get ready for Virtual Reality 100m track and establish a new mark!

<About the history of content business division>
Mat launched these business as a start-up from scratch.
Initially, Mat often holed up at library or went to free space to create applications.
Then, mixi application was completed successfully.
After the release, its popularity was greater than originally anticipated,
Also, a lot of requests for consultation about romance have been given to him.
He had provided consultation for free, thinking that “everybody is concerned about relationships”.
Afterwards, inquiries from users such as “I need a feeling of being love everyday” “how can I fall in love with someone?” have been received. It was a good chance to newly create romance games.
Initially, it was not successful honestly, but later, by transforming the ways speedily or changing settings of romance stories to be more realistic, it went well.

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