Free VR action smartphone game “Cube Crush” released!!

A fun VR experience where you have to Crush them all !

“Cube Crush”.

Discover the world of Virtual Reality with “Cube Crush”, a simple and fun game you can play with your family and your friends.
Who will get the best score?

How to play?
Put on your VR headset, select the stage and be ready to destroy all the cubes you see!
Aim and crush as many cubes as possible to get the best score !
How far will you go before being defeated? Let’s try and see!

A simple and fun VR experience
Free to download and play : put on your VR headset and be ready to go!
Different kind of cubes to crush
Up to 12 difficulty levels: how far can you go?
About 70M,relatively small

You’ve never made the experience of playing in a VR? This is your chance!
An easy game for beginners to make a new experience. Cut all the cubes into pieces and get the best score of all!
In a colourful world you’ll find different types of cubes and different ways to slice them into pieces – can you manage to slice them all?
Play now!

More than 200 visitors test played at Samurai Expo and Dokomi.90% of them are satisfied with this!

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